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Support our Future

Ignite a passion for American Cream Draft Horses! Donate to the ACDHA Youth Programs and invest in the future of the breed.

To apply for the youth grant or youth scholarship you must be a registered Junior Member of the ACDHA.  To learn more about the Youth Grant & Youth Scholarship, including how to apply, log in to your account and then use the drop-down menu at the top of the page near the grey silhouette of the horse head.

Scroll Down to Donate to one or both of these amazing programs!

The future of the American Cream Draft Horse, a breed nearly lost to history, rests on the passionate shoulders of the next generation. The Youth Scholarship Program isn't just about funding – it's about investing in the future owners and custodians who will carry on this incredible heritage. By supporting this program, you're not just helping a young person, you're ensuring the American Cream Draft Horse continues to thunder across fields for generations to come. Be a part of their legacy – support the scholarship program today!

Our Future

Empower the next generation of American Cream Draft Horse enthusiasts with the ACDHA Junior Youth Grant! This program isn't just about financial aid – it's about igniting a passion for the breed in our young custodians. By supporting their efforts to show, learn, and educate others about American Cream Draft Horses, you're investing in the future of the breed. Help young people become ambassadors for these magnificent creatures – donate to the Junior Youth Grant today!

Our Youth

Invest in the Future of the American Cream Draft Horse

The American Cream Draft Horse Association (ACDHA) is dedicated to preserving and promoting this rare and magnificent breed. But the future of the American Cream Draft Horse depends on the next generation of enthusiasts.

That's where you come in! The ACDHA offers two programs designed to empower young people and cultivate a lifelong passion for American Cream Draft Horses:

The ACDHA Youth Scholarship awards funds for breeding, research, workshops, showing, and more – all to empower young horse enthusiasts!
The ACDHA Junior Youth Grant helps young members showcase the breed! Grants fund their participation in public events like shows, parades, clinics, and educational presentations.
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