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As a dedicated steward of the American Cream Draft Horse, you understand the importance of preserving this unique and treasured breed. But navigating the world of ownership, breeding, and advocacy can be complex.

That's where the American Cream Draft Horse Association (ACDHA) steps in.


Membership grants exclusive access to a comprehensive suite of services, empowering you to:

Unlock a World of Possibilities for Your American Cream Draft Horse Journey

To gain full access to these members-only features be sure to log in to your account and then use the drop-down menu located at the top of the page near the grey silhouette of the horse head.

Champion the breed's future

Gain access to invaluable resources like stallion breeding records, DNA & JEB tracking, and educational materials to support informed breeding decisions and responsible ownership.

Connect with your community

Network with experienced breeders, trainers, and enthusiasts. Find horses for sale or lease, share knowledge, and collaborate to ensure the breed's continued success.

Stay informed and engaged

Receive regular newsletters, access show guidelines, and participate in events. Actively contribute to conservation efforts and have a voice in shaping the ACDHA's future through voting rights and eligibility for board positions.

Without full membership, you miss out on:

Exclusive access to resources, connections, and opportunities to champion the American Cream Draft Horse


What ACDHA members have to say ~

Workhorse Ranch

I first heard about American Creams back before our association had hit the technology age. I mailed a letter and received a  list of breeders twice. I finally found my mare somewhat locally from an ad off of Craigslist 12 years later (2009). It took me a year or two to get her DNA tested and her tracking papers. So good things come to those who wait!


"As a Full Member of the ACDHA for over 25 years, recently becoming a Lifetime Member, my journey began when we purchased a registered American Cream Draft horse. The best part of my membership has been actively promoting the ACDHA and our incredible horses, while forging connections with fellow enthusiasts dedicated to preserving this unique breed. I highly recommend other ACDH owners to join and be part of a community that shares a passion for preventing the extinction of these remarkable horses."


As someone deeply passionate about American Cream Draft horses and the community surrounding them, I can't emphasize enough the value of Associate Membership in the ACDHA. Back when I first got involved, Associate Memberships weren't an option, but if they were, I would have eagerly signed up.


I have a lot of great memories because I signed up as a Junior Member.  From events, to the big annual gatherings, I made so many friends and felt like I had so many people supporting me and there to help.  I would definitely recommend the junior membership to kids and teens!

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