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Benefits to ACDHA Membership

Welcome to the American Cream Draft Horse Association Membership Page! Joining our community is your gateway to a world of exclusive benefits and opportunities. Discover why becoming a member is essential for anyone passionate about American Cream Draft Horses.  Scroll down and learn about our 3 membership options to choose the one that is the best fit for you.


Why Join the ACDHA?

By becoming a member of the American Cream Draft Horse Association, you play a crucial role in preserving and promoting this unique breed's heritage. Your support directly contributes to conservation efforts, educational initiatives, and the overall advancement of the breed. Additionally, membership offers a range of benefits tailored to enrich your experience and connect you with like-minded enthusiasts.

"Joining the ACDHA has been amazing! I've met so many cool people who share my love for American Cream Draft Horses. Being a member gives me access to awesome resources and events, plus I'm part of something bigger—helping to preserve this incredible breed's legacy. If you're into horses, this is the place to be!"


The book Silver King is about the history of the American Cream Draft Horse and the role of Charles Knox in its development. The author, Barbara Knox Homrighaus, is Charles Knox's granddaughter and decided to learn more about his involvement in the breed after she found out he was important to its early development. The book details her research using family letters, photos and interviews.

Available to Members Only


Purchase price & ordering information available in the Members Only Area of the website.

Membership Tiers

We offer three levels of membership: Full Member, Associate Member, and Junior Member. Each tier comes with its own unique set of benefits, allowing you to select the level of engagement that best fits your interests and preferences


Our Associate Membership is tailored for individuals who want to support the American Cream Draft Horse Association but may not require full access to all resources.  You do not need to own an American Cream to join as an Associate Member.  Benefits of Associate Membership include:

  • Access to select resources and educational materials.

  • Networking opportunities within the community.

  • Participation in association events and activities.

  • Supporting conservation efforts and the promotion of the breed's heritage.

Associate Member

Full Members must own an American Cream.  Full Member will enjoy comprehensive access to all available resources and privileges. This includes:

  • Exclusive access to detailed stallion breeding records, registrations, DNA & JEB tracking, and more.

  • Networking opportunities with experienced breeders, owners, and enthusiasts.

  • Horse acquisition support, including access to horses for sale or lease within the association.

  • Educational resources, such as newsletters, guidelines for showing American Creams, and event participation.

  • Active involvement in conservation efforts to safeguard the breed's legacy.

  • Voting rights in association matters and eligibility to hold office on the Board of Directors.

Full Member


Junior Member

Gain access to a wealth of age-appropriate educational materials and resources tailored to Junior Members. Explore topics such as American Cream Draft Horse breed history, care tips, and training techniques to deepen your understanding and skills.

Educational Resources

Immerse yourself in exclusive youth events, workshops, and clinics aimed at enriching your knowledge and refining your abilities in horse care, handling, and riding. These events provide a fun and supportive environment for Junior Members to learn and grow alongside their peers.

Youth Events

Forge meaningful connections with fellow Junior Members from diverse backgrounds and regions across the country. Share experiences, stories, and valuable tips about owning and caring for American Cream Draft Horses, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support within the community.

Community Connection

Hone your talents and strengthen your bond with your horse through participation in specially organized youth competitions and shows. These events are designed to showcase your skills, boost your confidence, and celebrate your achievements as a Junior Member of the association.

Skill Development

Are you a young enthusiast (under 18) with a passion for American Cream Draft Horses? Whether you currently own an American Cream or not, we invite you to join the American Cream Draft Horse Association as a Junior Member and embark on an exciting equine journey tailored just for you!

ACDHA offers financial support for young members!

  • Scholarships: Help pay for education costs.

  • Grants: Reimburse expenses for showing or educating the public about American Cream Draft Horses (up to $100).

Full details and eligibility requirements are listed in the members only area accessible to all membership levels.

What Members are Saying ~

"As someone deeply passionate about American Cream Draft horses and the community surrounding them, I can't emphasize enough the value of Associate Membership in the ACDHA. Back when I first got involved, Associate Memberships weren't an option, but if they were, I would have eagerly signed up."


"As a Full Member of the ACDHA for over 25 years, recently becoming a Lifetime Member, my journey began when we purchased a registered American Cream Draft horse. The best part of my membership has been actively promoting the ACDHA and our incredible horses, while forging connections with fellow enthusiasts dedicated to preserving this unique breed. I highly recommend other ACDH owners to join and be part of a community that shares a passion for preventing the extinction of these remarkable horses."


"I first heard about American Creams back before our association had hit the technology age. I mailed a letter and received a  list of breeders twice. I finally found my mare somewhat locally from an ad off of Craigslist 12 years later (2009). It took me a year or two to get her DNA tested and her tracking papers. So good things come to those who wait!"


ACDHA Mission:

Protecting, promoting, and perpetuating the unique heritage and bright future of the American Cream Draft Horse.

PROTECTING  Safeguarding the unique bloodline and historical significance of the American Cream Draft Horse.

PROMOTING  Educating the public about the breed's gentle temperament, exceptional abilities, and rich American heritage.

PERPETUATING  Encouraging responsible breeding practices that cultivate the continued existence and appreciation of the American Cream Draft Horse.

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