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We invite you to explore the rich history of our unique breed, understand our purpose, and discover the invaluable benefits of joining the American Cream Draft Horse Association.


Explore ACDHA membership and its perks – no need to own an American Cream Draft Horse to join!


Learn about us—our history, mission, and board members. Find ways to engage with our association

The American Cream

What is an American Cream Draft Horse?  Why do people love them so much?  Is it the right horse for you?


Explore Stallions, registrations, DNA & JEB Tracking, horses for sale, and more


The American Cream Draft Horse Association (ACDHA) is dedicated to preserving and promoting the unique heritage of the American Cream Draft Horse, the only draft breed originating in the United States. Our mission is to safeguard the breed's distinctive traits and history, ensuring their continued recognition and appreciation. We strive to maintain accurate records, support responsible breeding practices, and foster a community that values the amiable temperament and exceptional qualities of the American Cream. The ACDHA is committed to educating enthusiasts, encouraging responsible ownership, and creating a collaborative environment that celebrates the rich legacy of these remarkable horses.

ACDHA Services

New forms and downloads coming soon!  In the near future you will be able to click on each item below to access the actual form to download and print.  Until then please email us at

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Full Registration

Tracking Registration

Artificial Insemination Reg.

Embryo Transfer Reg.

Micro Chip Registration

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Foaling Report

Other Breed Foal Report

Stallion Report

Other Breed Stallion Report

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DNA Testing

JEB Testing

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Transfer of ownership

Member Access to:

Buyer & Seller Support


Membership Benefits

Joining the American Cream Draft Horse Association offers exclusive access to information on breed history, networking with experienced breeders, support for conservation efforts, expertise access, and staying informed about the breed through newsletters—whether you own an American Cream or aspire to in the future, our community welcomes and enriches your equine journey.

Exclusive Access

Members receive privileged access to a wealth of information about American Cream Draft Horses, including detailed stallion breeding records, registrations, DNA & JEB tracking, and more. Stay informed about the breed's history and genetic heritage.

Networking Opportunities

Engage with a community of passionate American Cream enthusiasts, breeders, and experts. Membership provides opportunities to connect, share experiences, and gain valuable insights into breeding and ownership.

Educational Resources

Benefit from educational materials, including newsletters and guidelines for showing American Creams. Stay updated on breeding practices, health considerations, and participate in events hosted by the association to enhance your knowledge.

Buyer / Seller Support for Members

Access a platform for buying or selling American Cream Draft Horses within the association. Members can explore horses for sale or lease, facilitating transactions within a trusted community.

Active Role in Conservation

Contribute to the preservation of the American Cream breed. Members actively support the association's efforts to reverse the breed's endangered status. Through participation, members play a vital role in safeguarding the breed's legacy.

Not a Cream Owner?

Even if you don't own an American Cream Draft Horse, membership provides a unique chance to delve into the breed's history, characteristics, and future. Engaging with the community allows you to make informed decisions about ownership in the future, fostering a deeper appreciation for these remarkable horses. Connect, learn, and explore the world of American Creams with us.

Our Board Members

The Volunteer Board Members of the American Cream Draft Horse Association dedicate their time, talent, and expertise voluntarily to guide and support the organization. Committed to the preservation and promotion of the American Cream breed, these individuals generously contribute their skills in areas such as breeding, conservation, event planning, and administrative tasks. Their selfless efforts underscore a collective passion for the breed's heritage, ensuring that the association thrives and its members benefit from their valuable contributions, all provided without compensation.

2023 Directors Pictured Left to Right: Wendell Lupkes; Sue Engel (Newsletter Editor); Tiffany Corson; Belle Davis; Mischala Walker; Kerrie Beckett; Anne Murray

Get in Touch

Have questions, suggestions, or eager to learn more about American Cream Draft Horses?  Whether you're a current member, a prospective owner, or simply curious about the breed, we welcome your inquiries. Can't find what you're looking for online?  Reach out for information on membership, events, or any other equine-related inquiries. Our dedicated team is here to assist and share their expertise. Connect with us today and be part of the American Cream community!

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